Enabling Remote MySQL Access in cPanel

If you require remote MySQL access to your database (such as access from a remote website or application), this can be done by whitelisting the IP of the server that needs to access it. If you do not know the IP or you need access from any IP, you may whitelist all IPs using the wildcard %.
Security risk: Please understand opening up remote access to all IPs using the wildcard is a security risk and may lead to unauthorised access to your database if you do not have a secure password or if the wrong person gets access to your password.

1. Go to Remote MySQL under the Databases heading in cPanel
2. Enter the IP you want to whitelist in the Host field. Alternatively you can enter % which will allow access from any IP (please note the security risk above!).
3. You can enter a comment if you want to note something about the IP.
4. Click Add Host and the IP will then be whitelisted.

You can view whitelisted IPs in the list below and you can update and delete whitelisted IPs also.
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