Clovux is an Irish based Minecraft and Web hosting provider that was established by a group of students in September 2014.

We endeavour to provide reasonably priced, reliable, high quality hosting services to customers all over the world.


All of our Minecraft hosting plans are run on high performance, enterprise level hardware.

Hardware Specifications:

- Xeon E3-1245v2 CPUs or similar

- SSD Storage

- 1Gbps uplink


Please see our contact page for all of our contact details.


Clovux isn't hiring at the moment. If you are interested in being a part of our team, please keep checking back for open positions.



Co-Founder, Systems Administrator

Ultan is in charge of keeping Clovux's servers running and is the main overseer of the staff team. He can usually be found hacking away in an SSH client with way too many tabs open. He makes sure everyone is working hard and not getting distracted.



Co-Founder, Web Developer, Graphic Designer

Kyle takes care of the frontend of Clovux, making sure our branding is top notch and that every pixel is in place on our website. When he's not sleeping, you can probably find him messing around in Photoshop.



Community Manager

Harry is in many ways the life of Clovux. Harry manages the team's workload and makes sure all deadlines are met. Aside from hard work and careful planning, Harry also enjoys writing and watching anime in his spare time.



Technical Support Agent

Gareth can be found in our technical support department. Gareth is a competent individual with years of experience in Minecraft servers. He is very familiar with the nuts-and-bolts of Minecraft servers.



Pre-Sales Support Agent

Samuel handles pre-sales related queries. He's always willing to offer great deals to potential clients. Samuel is a fan of loud music and enjoys annoying his roommates.



Billing Support Agent

Sarah deals with billing-related queries. She is understanding and is always eager to do her best to help. In her spare time Sarah likes to sing and dance to hip-hop.