Using FileZilla for FTP File Management

Clovux provides full FTP access with all Minecraft servers for easy file management. While Multicraft's built-in web FTP client is great for editing files on the fly and uploading/downloading small files like configs and some plugins, it has its limitations. Such limitations include file size limits for uploads and unintuitive workflow, which make it unsuitable for uploading larger files. If you run into issues with the web FTP client, you can use a desktop FTP client such as FileZilla instead.


The steps below will show you how to connect to your server with FileZilla to manage the files:

  1. You should first download the relevant FileZilla Client for your computer's OS here:
    Make sure you are downloading the FileZilla Client and not the FileZilla Server.
    After installation has complete, open FileZilla.

  2. In Multicraft under your server, browse to "Files" > "FTP File Access". You will see your FTP details displayed here.

  3. Input the FTP details displayed in Multicraft into the corresponding fields in FileZilla. The FTP password is the same as the password you use to log in to Multicraft.

  4. After inputting the FTP details into FileZilla, click "Quick Connect" and wait for your server's files to display on the pane on the lower-right (Labelled "Remote site"). If they do not display after a few seconds, there may be a configuration issue. You should open a technical support ticket here and the agents will help you resolve it.

  5. You can now transfer files to and from your server as you wish.


As mentioned, if you experience issues with connecting or you are unsure, please open a technical support ticket here:

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